Off to Sturgis to see the town where the largest motorbike rally is held every August, but first a stop in Wall.  Wall is a very small town off Hwy 90 that has a nationally famous drugstore/café/gift shop that is a city block long and offers 5 cent coffee and fresh homemade donuts.  We saw advertisements for it as far back as 200 miles.  We just had to stop for coffee and donuts which were actually excellent.

Onward to Sturgis for lunch at one of the biker restaurants.  We ate at Knuckles which was the number one on TripAdvisor and were not disappointed.  Now we can say we have been there.

After lunch we proceeded to Deadwood with hopes of stopping for a walk around town but there was a classic car show going on with roads blocked off and no place for us to park.  Oh well, we were growing tired and needed to stop for the night.  We found a nice little park near a creek called Fish N Fry where you can catch your own fish and they fry it for you.  We didn’t fish but decided on a salad after all that eating earlier.   Tired and ready for bed.

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