The Hunt

This drone, a DJI Mini2 is equipped with GPS and with the help of Google Maps, theoretically a person should be able to go to the crash site and recover it. Unfortunaly, it landed in a fenced area around a large pond. The gate key to this area was controlled by the management company of the shopping center. So, after searching for forty-five minutes around the circumference of this area with no luck I was off to find the management company.

Don, the man in charge of construction and facilities services was more than happy to let me in and even help me search but we had no luck. We concluded that it must have ended up it the pond. After explaining this story to Barbara, she insisted we go back and look one more time. To my amazement she walked almost directly to where the drone was and spotted it in a bush. Unfortunaly the bush was on the other side of the fence. A call to Don and he was right back to let us in.

We retrieved the drone, and it was in perfect shape. It is hard to believe these things can take such abuse, but I am sure glad they can! It is nice to be flying again.

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