Minute Man Missile National Historic Site, Sturgis, and Deadwood S.D.

The Minute Man Missile site is located about 5 miles outside the Badlands National Park on Hwy. 90.  The nuclear site was disabled by Bill Clinton’s administration in an agreement with the Russians to decrease nuclear armament.  It turned out the missile silo was located about 15 miles up Hwy 90 literately less than a mile from the highway.  Amazing that so many people for so many year drove right pass this site never knowing it was there.  In the agreement signed the U.S. was allowed to keep a couple of sites intact without the warheads obviously for historic and educational purposes.

We then drove a little further to the Air and Space Museum to see the control room for the minute man missile which is now manned by a dummy.  There were various aircrafts and missiles on display.  Very impressive and scary considering the current tensions with N. Korea

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