Back to the heat

We left beautiful Estes Park hoping to spend a few nights back at Golden Gate Canyon State Park but unfortunately all the sites where booked.  Well, it’s all part of the adventure, so we continued on to Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs.  We stayed there a couple of days and enjoyed hiking the Garden of the Gods and took a day trip to the Manitou Indian cliff dwellings.   The afternoon temperatures were reaching a 100 degrees which is most unusual for this area.  So we decided to go to Red River New Mexico where the temperatures are a high in the low 80’s.  We checked the fire situation in New Mexico and all seemed fine for that area so we departed for our favorite campground along the Red River.  When we pulled up at the campground the National Forest Service had just closed it for precautionary reasons.  Evidently the day before a careless camper caused a forest fire in the Gila Forest and New Mexico was shutting down all the National campgrounds.  Again, it’s all part of the adventure – onward to Albuquerque.  There is a RV park we like their called Route 66, because it is located on the original famous Route 66 through New Mexico.  Also, the RV park is located within a short walking distance to the Route 66 Casino.

We are homebound as we have some obligations next week, but wishing we could turn around and head back to Colorado.

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