St. John’s is the oldest church in Richmond and is the location where Patrick Henry gave his famous speech, “give me liberty or give me death”.   We also drove down Broad Street straight through this historic town then to Monument Ave. passing grand old homes to statues of Jefferson Davis and Stonewall Jackson.  A city rich in history of the revolutionary and civil wars.

Charlottesville – Monticello:

We toured Thomas Jefferson’s magnificent home outside Charlottesville.  One item that was particularly interesting was his polygraph invention, a copying machine with two pens.  When Jefferson wrote with one pen, the other made an exact copy.  We learned he died at 82 leaving his family to pay his debt of $100,000.00. His family had to sell all his belongings and eventually the house to repay the large debt.  So sad, luckily Uriah Levy and his nephew later purchased the house and worked to restore and preserve it until 1923 when the Foundation was formed to carry-on.

Spring time in Virginia:

Mid-April to the first of May a perfect time of year to visit Virginia as spring as sprung to its full glory. The bright colorful azaleas decorating everyone’s yards and the dogwood trees in full blossom along the highways, parks and yards – absolutely gorgeous.  This is the first time I have seen a dogwood tree and I have fallen in love with them.  Oh, and the tulips, everywhere with tall stems and bright colors decorating Williamsburg, Monticello and several other sites along the way.  The drive has been very picturesque and most enjoyable.  It has been a wonderful trip.

Skyline Drive/Shenandoah National Park

I was so looking forward to driving along skyline and spending time in Shenandoah Park but unfortunately spring had not sprung in the mountains and the trees where still dormant.  It was like driving through a forest of tall standing dead trees, it was very depressing and cold.  The overlook views of the valley below where pretty and colorful but the drive and the camping not so much.  We stayed one night on the mountain and drove to a nice state park, Morrow Mountain, in Albemarle, North Carolina.  Our plans are to visit Myrtle Beach, South Carolina tomorrow.

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