There was wind warnings for north and central New Mexico yesterday and we were unfortunately right in the mist of it all.  We drove mostly with a modest tail wind but as we near our campsite the wind significantly increased causing a warning message to come on the dash indicating a tire or tires were not getting sufficient traction – now that’s some cross wind.  I am not sure exactly the speeds but the news had published sustained winds of 36 to 40 and gust 50 to 60.  This horrific wind blew from 11am Sunday to sometime after 1am Monday morning.  I found the shaking RV and the loud wind noise to be alarmingly unpleasant throughout the night.  Thanks to be God we made it through with no damage to the RV or ourselves.  We gratefully departed for Texas this morning.

Tonight we are staying at Hord’s Creek Lake a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers campground at the Lakeside Park area.  This is a beautiful park with a tranquil lake, large oak trees and extensive openness.  We are enjoying the relaxing atmosphere and grilling a steak for dinner.

We will be home tomorrow and this trip from Austin, Texas to Palm Springs, California and back has been very memorable.  We have experienced majestic landscapes through New Mexico, Arizona and California and various temperatures from hot to frigid, we have rode horses, boated, rode the tram, hiked and have camped in the mountains to the valleys.  We also had some other experiences as my car was stolen from the dealership where it was in for repairs.  The dealership was most helpful in dealing with the police and keeping us informed of the on-going situation while we were traveling.  Luckily the car was found with no damage and the person arrested.  The dealership retrieved the car in our absence from the impound lot, detailed it and are storing it for me until our return.  Also, on the way to Phoenix a truck through a rock, like a bullet it hit the driver’s side causing enough damage we will need to replace the windshield.  Fortunately we have insurance to cover the windshield.  Whew, a nice nights rest tonight in this lovely campsite, hopefully uneventful, and up early heading for Austin.


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