The Land Between the Lakes National Recreational Area (LBL) spans both Tennessee and Kentucky.  The first night we stayed at Paris Landing on the Tennessee south end of LBL.   There was an identical Leisure Travel Van Unity just like ours park in a couple of sites over.  We do not often see LTV’s so we where excited to meet the owners.  We had a very nice visit with Alan and Dee that evening trading LTV travel stories.

The next day we drove the 40 miles through the Land Between the Lakes, stopping at the Homeplace a 1850s Farm.  We were excited they allowed dogs on the farm, so we enjoyed walking Vegas around seeing all the farm animals. The black ducks were very attracted to Vegas following after her.  The farm had original and replica homes and barns as well as woodshop and tobacco barn that would have been on a working farm in 1850s.  It was a very tranquil and educational visit.

That evening we stay Canal Campground, the northend which is in Kentucky.  We were very fortunate to get one of the last campsites and it had a very nice view of Kentucky Lake.  This week was winter break for the Kentucky school system which meant all the parks were very crowded and sites hard to come by.

The next day we drove to Hodgenville, Kentucky to visit Abraham Lincoln National Park and see the Lincoln Memorial and his birth cabin.

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