On The road

Off on the road again, we are heading to Kentucky.  The first night we stopped northeast of Dallas at a US Army Corps of Engineers (COE) Lavonia Park located on the beautiful Lake Lavon.   We enjoyed gazing at the lake from under the large shade tree on our camp site.  The next day we continued north and stopped south of Texarkana at another COE, Malden Lake Park.  Malden is a campground near Maud, TX on the Wright Patman Lake.  We were interested in exploring this park because we enjoyed our stay on the other side of the lake at Rock point on our last travels.  This must be a fisherman’s paradise because just about everyone here has a fishing boat and each campsite has a fish cleaning area.  It is truly a beautiful park with tall pines and large oak trees, it looks kind of mystical when the light filters through the trees.  So relaxing – especially a little nap in the hammocks.  Off today toward Tennessee….


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