Sioux Falls

St. Joseph, Missouri was all a buzz about the eclipse.  Our campground was packed with people from all over the country, lots of people wearing eclipse tee shirts and the local news was giving continuous coverage.  The weather was cloudy and rainy but that did not dampen anyone’s enthusiasm for the event.  The clouds obstructed the viewing but experiencing day turning into night was an awesome experience.  The clouds cleared just long enough for us to wear those special glasses to see the diamond ring effect.  Very memorable and looking forward to the next one that will be on April 8, 2024 passing over Texas.  The next eclipse will require less distance but this journey has been so much fun.

Before leaving St. Joseph we stocked up on supplies and headed to Omaha, Nebraska continuing our journey to South Dakota.  There is a beautiful expansion pedestrian bridge that crosses over the Missouri river.   Half way across the bridge you will have one leg in Nebraska and the other in Iowa.  When we returned to our coach after our walk there was a gray Unity coach parked right next to us.  They also had been in St. Joseph’s for the eclipse.  We spent the night in Council Bluffs, Iowa (just across the river from Omaha) then headed the next morning to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to the falls at Falls Park.   The falls come from the Big Sioux river as it cascades down to join the Missouri river.  We took in the sights and enjoyed walking around the park but it had been a long day so we camped in Big Sioux State Park just 18 minutes from the falls.

Today we are off to the Badlands National Park and hopefully will be able to find place to camp for the night there.  It will be a long drive today.

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