Lakeside Camping

Six days into our trip and the weather has been clear, hot and steamy for the last few days.  Yesterday we drove to Wright Patman Lake southeast of Texarkana and spent the afternoon and night at Rock Point Campground.  The RV sites are at water’s edge and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the lake.  We grilled a delicious steak with a bake potato for dinner, relaxed and took an evening walk.  This morning we departed for Lake Ouachita, (Wash’itaw), Arkansas.  This is one of the largest lakes I have seen with 975 miles of shoreline and 40,000 acres of water.  This lake is known for fishing as it has been stocked with bass, walleye and stripe.  The lake also offers wide open waters for boaters and skiers.  Fortunately a beautiful campsite overlooking the lake with tall shady pine trees was available.  Behind our site is a trail leading to a small beach which Vegas thoroughly enjoyed romping in the water.  Not sure about tomorrows plans but we will be thinking about it this evening.  I write this as I sit at our shady picnic table with a cool gentle breeze blowing off the water, ah life is good.

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