Emma Long Park

Emma Long Metropolitan Park is a large municipal park in northwest Austin, Texas. The park is on the shores of Lake Austin and was originally called City Park. The RV sites are excellent, several are waterfront.

Garner State Park

Not that it is possible to escape the Texas heat in July, but Garner was at least below 100.    Each day we leashed Vegas grabbed our tubes and walked the short distance to float in the chilly, clear, and refreshing waters of the Frio River. Vegas loves to play in the water but only when her feet can touch bottom, so she decided she preferred to ride in the tube with her pack.  She was quite the attention

getter relaxing in her tube enjoying the sights, sounds and people.

Garner was packed with large groups of families many with signs indicating their name and how many years they had been coming to Garner.  The family next to us had been coming for 25 years.  Everyone was extremely friendly and children of all ages were enjoying all aspects of the park.  Biking, hiking, tubing, paddle boating, swimming, playing volleyball or just sitting enjoying the scenery.

Each night a jukebox dance is held at the pavilion and there is obviously a dress code for teenage girls as they were all wearing blue jean cut off short shorts and cowboy boots.  There are people of all ages enjoying the music, dancing or just watching.   Vegas was especially popular at the dance, every young girl wanted to pet her, in fact everywhere we went the girls would approach asking, “can I pet your puppy, you’re so cute” I nick named her the chick magnet.  Too bad Lonnie isn’t younger and single….

We had a great time but took off to explore what other parks were between Concan and Austin. We visited Blanco State Park which looked great.  The Blanco River flows through the park and it has large shady RV camp sites, unfortunately there was no availability for the night so off we went to check out Guadalupe River State Park, near San Antonio.  The picturesque Guadalupe River runs through the park with very nice picnic sites.  The RV camping sites are a bit of a walk to the river but still a most enjoyable location.  Fortunately they had a site available for the night and we camped there and enjoyed our stay.

Vietnam Memorial State Park

This memorial has a Huey known as the Viking Surprise it was one of the first smoke ships in Vietnam.  This helicopter was shot down in March of 1967 and sent to the Corpus Christi Bay (the ship I served on in Vietnam) to be repaired after receiving



135 bullet holes.  Touring this memorial was both emotional and educational for me.  One of the exhibits was scuba equipment which brought back many memories of my time diving in the Mekong Delta.

Colorado here we come

We are on our way to Colorado and our first stop is Abilene State Park. Vegas is very exited, she loves to travel and this time we will be on the road for at-least three weeks.